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You'll find in here all the demo mixes I did in past and present days. You're most likely to find sounds that will please you as there are various House, Tech House, Acid, Techno, Trance and even Old Skool House.

My mixes are live recorded direct to my Power PC G4 with no software assistance of any kind. I perform them on two Technics SL-1200 MKII turntables and mix them on an Ecler Sclat 100 mixer table. My sound system is a JBL Control 5 2.1 (sattelites + subwoofer) and my headphone is a Sennheiser HD 25. I only mix vinyls: There's nothing like it!

If you'd like to see the mix playlist, listen to a mix or even download it, just click on a mix title in the list below.

Drifting Mind

Drifting Mind - Click to enlarge

This mix explores the minimal productions of these past 5 years.

 Listen "Drifting Mind" now!

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Flip Side Story

Flip Side Story - Click to enlarge

20 years of electronic musics and so many flip side unknown or ignored.

 Listen "Flip Side Story" now!


On The Beat And Beyond

On The Beat And Beyond - Click to enlarge

After many months without recording, here are the sounds and beats of yesterday and nowadays that make me trip !

 Listen "On The Beat And Beyond" now!

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Shake It or Leave It

Shake It or Leave It - Click to enlarge

This mix is gathering all the new sounds that turn me on since 2005-2006: A tech House full of powerful kicks and funky rhythms.

 Listen "Shake It or Leave It" now!

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Groovin' Enchantment

Groovin' Enchantment - Click to enlarge

This mix is an initiatory sound trip as it gathers tunes from past and presentwith only one purpose : Taking you on a journey !

 Listen "Groovin' Enchantment" now!

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Mind Your Step

Mind Your Step - Click to enlarge

I explored with this mix new horizons for me as it mixes Tech House, Electro and Minimal. The result is an outstanding progressive and pumpy mix !

 Listen "Mind Your Step" now!

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Acid Awakening

Acid Awakening - Click to enlarge

In this mix you'll find the very root of what I loved in Acid Techno and Techno this past ten years!

 Listen "Acid Awakening" now!

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Walk Another Path

Walk Another Path - Click to enlarge

This mix is rather a personnal experience exploring different paths in Tech House from Trancey to Acid mood.

 Listen "Walk Another Path" now!


Heart Of The Nineties

Heart Of The Nineties - Click to enlarge

This is another mix of all time classics. Its roots are deeply influenced by the mid nineties Ibiza sound.

 Listen "Heart Of The Nineties" now!

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Heart Beat Exciter

Heart Beat Exciter - Click to enlarge

This mix is a tribute to the new dimension in Tech House sound coming from Barcelona. Powerful and efficient set!

 Listen "Heart Beat Exciter" now!


Back to The Future

Back to The Future - Click to enlarge

This mix is gathering most the classic old timer of the mid nineties from Ibiza to New York.

 Listen "Back to The Future" now!


Tippin' Groove

Tippin' Groove - Click to enlarge

This mix is exploring another side of Tech defenitely more after oriented.

 Listen "Tippin' Groove" now!

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Progressive Extasy

Progressive Extasy - Click to enlarge

This mix is gathering most of the best Tech House tunes from early 2004: Groovy and Progressive!

 Listen "Progressive Extasy" now!

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It's All About Inner Emotions

It's All About Inner Emotions - Click to enlarge

This is a sensual mix taking you on a progressive journey to Trance.

 Listen "It's All About Inner Emotions" now!

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This Is My Idea Of Trance

This Is My Idea Of Trance - Click to enlarge

The title of the mix says it all: I don't like everything in Trance, far from it. This mix is my conception of it!

 Listen "This Is My Idea Of Trance" now!

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My Space Odyssey

My Space Odyssey - Click to enlarge

This mix was recorded for a demo purpose before I became resident of the Club Med World in Paris for the House parties of this club.

 Listen "My Space Odyssey" now!


A Vision Of Him

A Vision Of Him - Click to enlarge

This mix is a journey exploring the variety of Tech House with progressives sounds of 2001 or from the beginning of the nineties.

 Listen "A Vision Of Him" now!

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New York House Class X

New York House Class X - Click to enlarge

Pure New York Sound from the mid 90's

 Listen "New York House Class X" now!

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